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Grace and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. We as a Session want to keep the lines of communication open so are sending out this informational letter to let you know where we are in the process of searching for our next pastor.

The Presbyterian Church has a process to follow and here is what has happened so far:

 Committee on Ministry (COM) is notified by a pastor or Session that a dissolution is to occur. (G-2.08)
 COM appoints a representative to meet with the Session at the earliest possible time to:
 Explain process.
 Help arrange pulpit supply or temporary pastoral service (interim, etc.), arrange for an exit interview with the pastor and the Session.
 COM rep reviews Separation Ethics document with pastor and Session.
 Following the action of the congregation to concur with the request for dissolution, COM under G-2.09 will:
 Report to the presbytery dissolve the relationship between the church and the pastor.
 Appoint a moderator for the Session.

COM requires some form of Mission Study
 Session appoints a self-study/mission study committee for the congregation.

Here is where we are now, launching a Mission Study. Your participation is crucial to get a better look at where we are as a congregation. Please click here to take our Mission Study Survey. Your answers will be anonymous, unless you want your name on them. Please complete the survey as soon as possible. It is important that you answer honestly and fully as these answers will help us assess the health of our church, what our strengths are, what the needs are in our church and community, and where we feel we need to focus our mission.

After the Mission Study is complete, COM representatives assist in a process where:
Session reviews and approves the completed self-study.
Session submits the completed self-study to COM for approval.
After approval of the Mission study, COM acts to approve the establishment of a Pastor
Nominating Committee (PNC). Congregations cannot establish a PNC prior to approval by COM to do so. (G-2.0801)

Session then consults with COM rep and calls a congregational meeting to elect a PNC.

Prayerfully consider if serving on the PNC is your calling. If so, please contact Lauri Struve, Clerk of Session.

Our Executive Presbyter Ian McMullen will be preaching on Sunday, October 13. After the service we will have a gathering to answer any questions you may have.

So, that’s where we are with the search for a new pastor. Please have patience. Our next pastor is out there, we just have to find each other. We ask for your prayers as we continue the journey.

Also, please prayerfully consider serving our church in a leadership role as an Elder, Deacon, and/or a member of a Team/Committee.

If you have questions about what is happening with the search or how you can serve, please call or text Lauri Struve, Clerk of Session at 605-480-0859 or 712-949-3487. You may also visit with any of the other Session members – Karen Brasser, Scott Louscher, Elaine Mastbergen, Jill Rausch, Sharla Rupert, John Sage, Paul Struve and John Ihle.

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