Celebrate God
First Presbyterian Church | Paullina, Iowa

To All Who Are Spiritually Weary and Seek Rest
To All Who Mourn and long for Comfort
To All Who Struggle and Desire Victory
to All Who Sin and Need a Savior
To All Who are Strangers and Desire Fellowship
To All Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness
To All Who will Come
This Church Opens Wide Her Doors
Welcomes You
In the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ
New Members Welcomed
Sunday Morning Worship Experience 9:30 AM
Need a few extra prayers?
Join Our Prayer Chain

Paullina First Presbyterian

Hello, thanks for stopping by First Presbyterian Church of Paullina’s website. You’re busy, but before you leave, allow me to share some good news. First Presbyterian Church of Paullina folks are loving, kind, considerate, non-condemning, and Christianly hospitable. The love and support given to anyone gracing the doors of the church is transformative. Give First Presbyterian some time and attend worship or other small group. Until then, blessings to you and your family.

The Session of First Presbyterian

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