Session Met on Wednesday, August 23rd at 7:00 pm.

The meeting opened with Prayer by Rev. Dr. Angel De La Cruz.

The following items were approved during the meeting:

After a lengthy discussion on communication within the Church family, it was decided that a combination of bulletin inserts, PowerPoints, The Chimes, and personal communication would be used to enhance communication and hopefully reduce the number of misunderstandings which have recently occurred.

From Building and Property:  Decided not to lease a new copier since the current lease is $4.00 a month and a new one would be $114.00 per month.  The 3rd floor project is proceeding nicely.  The lawn has been sprayed for weeds. Meetings will be held with the congregation to explore future building needs.

From Christian Ed:  VBS had 43 students and 29 volunteers and went great.  Sunday School will begin Sept. 10.  Will install staff during worship and have a children’s sermon.  K-12 SS will be from after worship until 11:30.  Adult SS will be from 11:00 until 11:45.  Everyone will use “The Story”  curriculum.

From the Deacons:  The Mobile Food Pantry is too big a project for the Deacons  to do by themselves.  Also there is some question whether Foodbank of Iowa will be able continue operating as they have been, given the current political climate.  The project will be evaluated after the September Mobile and if it is continued, Session will form a separate team to take it over from the Deacons.

From Outreach:  Bread will be delivered to four new people in town. Wrist bands and water bottles were passed out at RAGBRAI. The luncheon for South O’Brien school staff was attended by 97 staff on August 18th.  The First Responder Appreciation Supper will be held on Monday September 11th.

From Fellowship:  Fellowship will try a knitting,  crocheting  fellowship group this fall if there is enough interest.

From Stewardship and Finance.  August special offering is SOS backpack program.  September special offering is Ronald McDonald House.  Building funds supplemented with some Ginger Trust money will be used for the Manse project.  The bulk of the Trust money will be invested in a CD to be saved for future projects.  A donation feature will be added to the website on an experimental basis.

From Worship and Music. During the June and August meetings, our focus was on our church’s goal of “high expectations for meaningful worship,” particularly as it relates to music during the worship hour. After much discussion and prayer, it was decided that we will continue transitioning to a more current style of music we will sing and play songs from all genres of music (hymns, old contemporary, new contemporary) in an arrangement that is more current.

Visitation:  Vickie made 63 visits from June 26th to August 23rd.

After a power outage and due to the lateness of the hour, the meeting was adjourned with prayer at 9:45 pm.