Men’s Fraternity begins this week!

Please Spread the word to husbands, other men in your churches, your male friends, anyone that you think might be interested. Men’s Fraternity has been sponsored by the First Presbyterian [...]

Advent begins with a bang of the drums, and December will be overflowing with joy!

Join us Sunday as we begin our celebration of the Advent Season, full of hope and fire.  We continue the celebration of the season with some caroling on Sunday afternoon at 5pm… join us at [...]

Happy The Dog Ministries Coming to First Presbyterian

This Sunday will be a wonderful day to join us at First Presbyterian Church in Paullina! We are not only starting The Story, but we will have special music from Happy the Dog Ministries. [...]

Exciting worship opportunities coming

Summer will be over before we know it! Make plans to join First Presbyterian as we move through the seasons and explore the role Christ has in mind for us as we minister to our community. Along [...]