Mobile Food Pantry Every other Month

The Food Bank of Iowa Mobile Food Pantry returns to First Pres. on the third Monday every other month from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Our Next Mobile Pantry will be March 19, 2018 if you are in need of [...]

Chimes! Rings out the news of First Presbyterian

The current issue of the Chimes is available online and in the Sanctuary. If you would like a PDF copy in your in box, or a hard copy in your Mail box, please call Lauri at the office! 712-949-3487.

Suggested Time to Visit Our Elderly

It has been suggested that when visiting our elderly in area care centers, visit in the morning or after 2:00pm. Many take a much-needed nap from noon to 2:00pm.


Suggested Time To Visit Our Elderly


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